Neighborhood News, March 3, 2020

Neighborhood News, March 3, 2020

Bullock Museum

Make your mark on Texas History at the Bullock Museum. The Texas Story Project is a living archive of the stories of Texans. Tell your real-life story with photos, audio files or video. Your contributions will be added to the ever-growing Texas Story Project collection.

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Blanton Museum of Art

A new exhibit at the Blanton Museum of Art, opened this week called The Avant-garde Networks of Amauta: Argentina, Mexico and Peru in the 1920s. The exhibit will run through May 17, 2020. Public tours of the exhibit will be offered on March 1st, 14th and 19th.

Visit the museum website for details.

Waterloo Greenway Park

Other construction in the area is at the Waterloo Greenway Park, which is building the new Moody amphitheater. This new outdoor performance venue will open next fall and gear up to full event programming in 2021.

For more details on this project visit:

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