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What is the plan for the existing trees on the site, as well as the overall landscaping?

Several existing trees will be removed during the construction of the project. The City of Austin, along with the Waller Creek Conservancy, will be relocating some of the larger and/or heritage trees to Waller Creek Trail. The project will plant over 300 new trees along the Texas Capitol Mall, more than double the number on the current site, in order to provide a more pedestrian-friendly environment. The project team will be working with the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center on the [...]


What state agencies will be located in the new buildings?

A determination on which agencies will be located in the new buildings has not been finalized. The Texas Facilities Commission intends to begin working with agencies currently located in leased office space to determine future space needs and discuss office space assignments in the fall of 2019.  (Updated: 12/18/18)


What benefits can the community expect to realize from the completed project?

The community benefits of Phase One of the Texas Capitol Mall will be both economic and social. The citizens of the State of Texas will see millions of dollars in cost savings when state agencies are moved from increasingly costly leased office spaces into state owned buildings. The public will also have easier access to State agencies when they are consolidated within the Capitol Complex. Just as importantly, Texans will be proud to welcome tourists, families, students and State employees [...]


What does the Capitol Complex Phase One Project include?

The Capitol Complex Phase One Project includes the construction of two State office buildings, three of the four blocks of the Texas Capitol Mall, underground parking, and the expansion of the Sam Houston Building physical plant. The construction project is split up into 6 work packages: (1) Excavation, (2) Site Utilities, (3) Central Utility Plant expansion and utility tunnels, (4) the 1801 Congress Avenue Office Building, (5) 1601 Congress Avenue Office Building, and (6) the Underground Parking Garage and [...]


What are the goals for the Capitol Complex Master Plan?

The goals for the Capitol Complex Projects are to: Reduce the cost of leased office space for state agencies currently housed throughout the city, by providing new office space within the Capitol Complex. Improve the connection of the Capitol Complex with the surrounding business and cultural districts. Create an iconic destination that celebrates the Texas State Capitol with pedestrian friendly streets and green civic spaces for events, music and recreation. (Updated: 12/18/18)


Where did the Capitol Complex Master Plan originate from?

The current master plan originated from the 83rd Texas Legislature (2013) which directed the Texas Facilities Commission to prepare a master plan for the Capitol Complex in collaboration with the Texas State Preservation Board, the General Land Office, the Texas Historical Commission, and the Partnership Advisory Commission. This legislative directive culminated in the adoption of the Texas Capitol Complex Master Plan in March of 2016. However, planning for the Capitol Complex dates to 1944, with the 47th Texas Legislature creating [...]