How will pedestrian and bike circulation be affected by the Capitol Complex Projects construction?

Pedestrian walkways and bike lanes will be designated by graphics and signage posted around the construction zones to allow State employees and visitors to the State Capitol and the Texas State History Museum safe passage to and from their Capitol Complex destinations. East-west pedestrian paths will primarily be located on 15th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, while north-south pedestrian path will be located primarily on Colorado Street and San Jacinto Boulevard. (See Current Map)

IMPORTANT ALERT: FOR YOUR SAFETY DO NOT ENTER ANY OF THE CONSTRUCTION ZONES. If you see a fence or barrier across a walkway, street, parking lot or other area, please do not attempt to go into the area or around the barrier to walk through the blocked area. Please respect the warning signs and instructions offered by any of the construction personnel on site. This is an active construction site with heavy equipment and vehicles moving in and out of the area throughout the day. Please stay aware to exiting vehicles and use caution as you approach the construction area. (Updated: 12/18/18)