How will parking be affected by the Capitol Complex Projects?

Two new office buildings at 1801 and 1601 Congress Avenue will be built on Parking Lots 7 and 2.

Phase One of the Texas Capitol Complex project includes the addition of 5 levels of underground parking underneath these two new office buildings on Congress Avenue, and 8 levels of above ground parking integrated in the new 1801 Congress Avenue office building. The total supply of parking for the Capitol Complex will be greatly expanded when the project is completed.

During construction, parking in Garage E and J will be extremely congested. State employees normally parking in these garages are encouraged to relocate to the existing parking garages along San Jacinto Boulevard that are presently underutilized.

Current Parking lot closures include:

  • Parking Lot 7 (MLK Blvd. & Congress Ave.)
  • Parking Lot 2 (16th St. & Congress Ave.)
  • The southwest quarter of Parking Lot 12 (San Jacinto Blvd. & 18th St.)
  • The northeast quarter of Parking Lot 12 (MLK Blvd. & Trinity St.), available to contractor parking only.
  • The northwest quarter of Parking Lot 12 (MLK Blvd. & San Jacinto Blvd.) will close in early 2019.
  • Parking Lot 3 (17th St. & Congress Ave.)

(Updated: 3/20/2020)