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For State employees: Are there resources available to help me on my daily commute during the Capitol Complex construction project?

Yes! There are many resources available to employees. Below is a list of options that you can explore to find a solution that works best for you. Capital Metro (bus/rail/special assistance van): CARTS (Capitol Area Rural Transportation System): RIDE SHARING Waze Carpool: Chariot: MyCommute Solutions: Lyft Line: Metro RideShare (vanpooling): BIKING LAST MILE Austin B-Cycle: Bird Scooters: Pace Bikes: Lyft Scooters: Lime Scooters: CAPITOL COMPLEX SHUTTLE (Discontinued April 2019)


For State Agencies: Are there resources available to help my agency solve commute issues related to the Capitol Complex construction?

Movability is a local non-profit that assists employers with transportation-related issues. Their staff can help you develop a strategic mobility plan to decrease drive-alone behavior by employees. By decreasing the number of workers who are commuting during rush hour – through options such as transit, telework, carpooling, etc. – agencies can mitigate the effects of the construction and reduce employee stress. In 2018, Texas Facilities Commission and Texas State Preservation Board went through Movability’s program to help provide employees [...]


How will pedestrian and bike circulation be affected by the Capitol Complex Projects construction?

Pedestrian walkways and bike lanes will be designated by graphics and signage posted around the construction zones to allow State employees and visitors to the State Capitol and the Texas State History Museum safe passage to and from their Capitol Complex destinations. East-west pedestrian paths will primarily be located on 15th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, while north-south pedestrian path will be located primarily on Colorado Street and San Jacinto Boulevard. (See Current Map) IMPORTANT ALERT: FOR YOUR [...]


What streets will be impacted and how?

Congress Avenue is closed from 15th Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, as Phase One of the State of Texas Capitol Mall progresses. Upon completion, North Congress Avenue will be a pedestrian mall from 16th street to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (19th Street). The East /West streets, 16th, 17th, and 18th Streets will be converted into two-way traffic streets. Only 16th and 18th Streets will cross the pedestrian mall. Access to the parking garages underneath the pedestrian [...]


How will parking be affected by the Capitol Complex Projects?

Two new office buildings at 1801 and 1601 Congress Avenue will be built on Parking Lots 7 and 2. Phase One of the Texas Capitol Complex project includes the addition of 5 levels of underground parking underneath these two new office buildings on Congress Avenue, and 8 levels of above ground parking integrated in the new 1801 Congress Avenue office building. The total supply of parking for the Capitol Complex will be greatly expanded when the project is completed. During construction, [...]