Construction Traffic Updates August 6, 2021

Construction Traffic Updates August 6, 2021

Crane Removal: August 8 – August 10

Expect delays on 18th Street and Colorado between the Bullock Parking Garage and the Stephen F. Austin State Office Building. Motorists should follow the directions of flaggers when driving in this area.
Drive defensively and slow down on MLK between Lavaca and IH 35
MLK Blvd. and Red River Lane Closures: Expect lane closures on MLK Blvd. between San Jacinto and Red River. There is construction work on the realignment of Red River Street and the construction of the Moody Center in this area. Please drive carefully in this area.
Employee Retirement System Office Building (San Jacinto & MLK Blvd.)

All lanes on San Jacinto and 18th Street are now open: The new building of the Employee Retirement System on the corner of MLK Blvd. and San Jacinto has been completed. Look for new retail tenants to move in soon.

MLK Blvd. and Congress Lane Closures: The outside, eastbound lane of MLK Blvd. from Colorado to Brazos Street (in front of the Bullock and Blanton Museums) will be closed for the duration of the Capitol Complex construction project. This lane is used as a construction loading zone for the underground parking garages. Watch out for heavy equipment and construction vehicles entering and exiting the site at Congress Avenue.

Construction gate at Brazos and 18th Street:  The construction gate at Brazos and 18th Street remains busy with construction delivery vehicles and construction workers entering and exiting the site. Drive slowly in this area as you access the W.B. Travis Building, ERS building, or Garage R.

Construction Zone Exits at 17th and 16th Streets: Watch out for heavy construction equipment and vehicles entering and exiting the construction zone onto San Jacinto from the 17th and 16th construction exits. There are construction exits on 17th Street near Scholz, Garage R, and the LBJ Building. The construction exit at 16th Street is at Garage P.

Visitors to Scholz Garten (San Jacinto and 17th Street): Watch out for construction vehicles exiting the construction zone traveling east on 17th Street. Use the sidewalk along the Central Services Building to travel between San Jacinto and Trinity.

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