Pedestrian Update – November 16, 2022

Pedestrian Update – November 16, 2022

Safe Crosswalks

Cross MLK Blvd at:

  • Colorado – Both crosswalks are accessible for travel to the Blanton or the Bullock Museums.
  • Brazos (at the ERS Building) – Use the (Blanton) north sidewalk along MLK Blvd only. Cross MLK Blvd using the eastern crosswalk at Brazos and the sidewalk next to the ERS building to travel south.
  • Watch out for construction vehicles – and watch your step! Uneven pavement and detours still abound in the area.

Closed Sidewalks:

  • Closed: Congress & MLK Blvd sidewalk and crosswalk (at the Bullock Museum) – Watch out for construction vehicles entering and exiting the construction lane.
  • Closed: MLK Blvd eastbound (south) sidewalk from Congress Avenue (from the Bullock Museum) to Brazos. The bike lane is also closed. DO NOT WALK on the construction side of this block. (Capitol Mall construction)
  • Closed: West side (southbound) sidewalk along the 18th block of Brazos and the west side crosswalk over MLK Blvd at Brazos. (1801 Congress – along the George H.W. Bush State Office Building construction)
  • Closed: South (eastbound) sidewalk from Scholz Garten on San Jacinto to Garage G on Trinity is closed. Use the sidewalk along the Central Services Building to travel between San Jacinto and Trinity Streets.

Need walking directions? Use our SAFE Walking Routes – Use the Safe Sidewalks routes developed for this project. (Download a map here.)

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