Parking Updates May 11, 2020

Parking Updates May 11, 2020

Garage E – Temporary Closure
TFC will be closing Garage E (1604 Colorado St.) on Thursday, May 14 through Sunday, May 17, for power washing and restriping. The first floor will have a change in the traffic pattern once the cleaning and restriping is complete. Vehicles wanting to exit the garage on Lavaca Street will now have access without going against traffic. Exiting garage traffic from the upper floors will now be able to utilize the center ramp/lane to the first floor and turn left (North) to exit onto Lavaca Street. Additional directional signage will be painted on the ground and posted above on the garage headers indicating DO NOT ENTER, YIELD and EXIT. Also, the compact parking spaces on each floor will be restriped from three (3) spaces to two (2) spaces for greater access and parking availability.

During the closure of Garage E, open parking for State employees is available in Garage J (at Lavaca St. and 16th St.) and Lot 19 (at MLK Blvd. and Colorado St.). Also, on Thursday, May 14 through Friday, May 15, Lot 8 (at 15th St. and Colorado St.) will be available for open parking during the workday.

1836 San Jacinto – The Employee Retirement System (ERS) new building at the northwest corner of MLK Blvd. and San Jacinto has “topped out”, meaning that the top floor is now in place.

The finished project will include five stories of office space, a ground floor with retail and restaurant areas and access to four levels of parking. ERS will occupy half of one level and a conference center will occupy the other half of the floor. The remaining four floors will be leased to tenants.

(This is not a TFC managed project.) Please drive slowly through this congested area.

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