George H.W. Bush State Office Building – 1801 Congress – (Package 4)

George H.W. Bush State Office Building – 1801 Congress – (Package 4)

Although our flagship building is still under construction, several floors are complete, and tenants have moved into their office suites. Every few weeks, a new set of State agencies will move in, with all floors occupied by late September.

The building is only open to existing Tenants. Access to the building is restricted to temporary sidewalks, as the utility construction on 18th Street has not yet been completed. Once the paving of 18th Street is complete, tenants will have access to the above ground parking garage on the south side of the building.

The new Tenants have expressed their delight with the modern interiors and new furniture. They have also been very patient with the construction zone that surrounds them, which includes temporary sidewalks lined with construction fencing and the noise of heavy construction equipment and delivery trucks throughout the day.

The building’s impressive lobby features new sleek turnstiles to enhance security. State employees (tenants only) will use their badges to activate the turnstile gates for entry. Visitors will be required to register at the front desk to receive a temporary access card.

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