Construction Update July 17, 2019

Construction Update July 17, 2019

Safe Crosswalks

To cross MLK Blvd. at:

  • Colorado – use the north sidewalk to reach the Congress Ave. crosswalk in front to the Blanton Cafe.
  • Congress (at the Bullock Museum) – Use the western crosswalk closest to the Blanton Cafe.
  • Brazos (at the ERS Building) – Use the north side walk to San Jacinto, cross MLK Blvd. using the eastern crosswalk closest to the creek.
  • San Jacinto (to go to the Capitol) – Use the eastern crosswalk closest to the creek.

Closed Crosswalks

  • Closed – MLK Blvd. east bound crosswalk over Congress Avenue (in front of Bullock Museum).
  • Closed – The eastern crosswalk over MLK Blvd. at Congress (this is the Construction Zone exit).
  • Closed – East bound sidewalk along MLK Blvd. from Congress to San Jacinto.
  • Closed – West side crosswalk over MLK Blvd. at Brazos.
  • Closed – West side sidewalk along Brazos from MLK Blvd. to 18th street.

See the Safe Sidewalk Routes Map on wayfinding signboards at most intersections for best options.

Lane closures for utility work will continue through July.

  • ALERT Brazos will be closed at MLK through Saturday. WB Travis and ERS visitor traffic will have access on 18th street.
  • ALERT There will be intermittent closures of the eastern southbound lane of San Jacinto from MLK to 18th for utility construction.
  • Closed – Brazos is closed between 17th and 18th Streets for utility construction.
  • Closed – East bound lane of MLK Blvd. from Lavaca to San Jacinto is closed for utility work. The bike lane is also closed. “Share the Road” and watch out for bikes.
  • Closed – The western south bound lane of San Jacinto from MLK to 18th Street is closed. The sidewalk and bike lane are also closed. (This is not a TFC project.)

Project Updates

  • 1801 Congress (site across from the Bullock) – Work on the foundations are on schedule. Look out for about 15-25 concrete truck daily entering the site from San Jacinto and 18th Street and exiting on Brazos onto MLK Blvd.
  • 1601 Congress – The excavation is almost complete and foundation work on the walls of the site are now visible. Hauling trucks will continue to exit onto MLK Blvd. through September.
    Colorado Street – Utility work will cause intermittent lane closures at 18th Street. The traffic signal poles have been installed at Congress and Colorado. Signal testing will be conducted this week. Flashing yellow lights will run for about a week prior to the activation of the signal in early August.
  • 15th Street and Colorado – There will be weekend utility work at this intersection. Expect delays.
  • 17th Street – Night time utility work is on schedule for this week.
  • San Jacinto and MLK Blvd. – Look-out for utility lane closures and commercial vehicles traveling south on San Jacinto at MLK. Trucks will exit south bound on San Jacinto at 18th Street. (This is not a TFC project.)
  • Guadalupe and MLK Blvd. – Capitol Metro and the City of Austin are building a contra-flow bus lane at that corner. Read about this project here.

Important Safety Reminders


STOP – LOOK BOTH WAYS – SLOW DOWN – for pedestrians in the crosswalks and bikes along San Jacinto.

WATCH YOUR STEP – Due to the construction, there may sections of uneven pavement.

SAFE Routes – Use the Safe Sidewalks routes developed for this project. Follow the “yellow brick road” sidewalk routes. Look for updated wayfinding signs throughout the Capitol Complex. The signs include the Safe Sidewalk Routes Map and directions for travel around the Complex. (Download a map here.)

Thank you for your patience and courtesy during the construction project.

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