Construction Update May 13, 2019

Construction Update May 13, 2019

TRUSS: Temporary / Relocated / Utility /Structural / Support

Later this week, a TRUSS will be installed across Congress Avenue to serve as a conduit for the chiller water lines, water lines and utilities lines that serve the LBJ, SFA and Travis buildings. Business continuity is a major concern for the construction management team. To prevent any lost in power or services to our state office buildings, a custom TRUSS was designed and manufactured to support all the important service lines for the buildings on the Complex. Once the excavation is completed and new routes for the service lines are built, the TRUSS will be removed.

Closed Crosswalks:

  • Closed: MLK east bound crosswalk over Congress Avenue (in front of Bullock Museum)
  • Closed: The eastern crosswalk over MLK at Congress (This is the Construction Zone exit.)
  • Closed: MLK east bound at Brazos and at San Jacinto
  • Closed: Both crosswalks over MLK at Brazos are closed. Use the eastern crosswalk at San Jacinto to cross over MLK. Please do not walk in the bike lanes or the street.

See the Safe Sidewalk Routes Map on wayfinding signboards at most intersections for best options.

Lane closures for utility work will continue through May.

  • Intermittent Closures: East bound lane of MLK from Congress to San Jacinto will be closed for utility work. (Watch out for closures of the southside bike lane.)
  • Intermittent Closures: South bound lane of Brazos from MLK to 17th Street
  • Intermittent Closures: South bound land of San Jacinto from MLK to 18th Street (ERS project)

EXTRA Caution Required: The construction exit at Congress and MLK will be expanding. Look out for flagmen directing approximately two hundred 18-wheelers per day leaving the construction zone. Haulers will be entering the area from 15th Street (southbound) or on 17th Street (eastbound) between Colorado and Congress. (Only buses to the museum should be using Congress Avenue from MLK to 18th street.)

1801 Congress (site across from the Bullock): The excavation contractor is completing the retention wall systems. The foundation contractor is preparing the site for the next phase of work.

1601 Congress: Excavation will continue through mid-September.

Colorado Street: Utility work will cause lane closures between 16th and 17th Streets. Watch out for crews working on the new traffic signal that will be installed at Colorado and MLK.

For more construction information, please visit the website:

Thank you for your patience and courtesy during the construction project.

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