Urgent Traffic Alert September 19, 2019

Urgent Traffic Alert September 19, 2019

San Jacinto Blvd. between MLK and 18th Street (including the intersection of San Jacinto and 18th Street) will be totally closed from Monday, September 23rd to Sunday, December 1, 2019 for utility construction.

18th Street from San Jacinto to Trinity Street will be closed from Monday, September 23rd through Sunday, December 1, 2019.

Brazos Street from MLK Blvd to 17th Street will remain open for two-way traffic.  Access to the W.B. Travis building, the ERS visitor parking lot and the west entrance to Garage R will remain open from Brazos Street.

TEMPORARY STREET DIRECTION CHANGE – While the 18th block of San Jacinto is closed, the 17th block of San Jacinto (from 18th street to 17th street, in front of the Central Services Building and the East entrance of Garage R), will be two-way traffic for entering and exiting Garage R and the CSB visitor parking lot.

NO STREET PARKING will be available on the 17th block of San Jacinto (in front of the Central Services Building) during this street closure. Free 30-minute public parking will be available on the first floor of Garage R. (Click here for other public parking options.)

Capital Metro bus routes #7, #10, #103, #111, #142, #171, and #935 that travel along San Jacinto will be re-routed around this closure.  The regular bus stop at San Jacinto and 17th Street will be moved temporary to San Jacinto and 14th Street. The #985 bus stop will be moved to 15th & Colorado.  Please visit the Capital Metro website for the specific bus route information. (Click here or call 512-474-1200.)

Watch out for flaggers and please respect the traffic signs.

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